Kalashtar Champion



Dark Eyes, Styled Hair, Fancy Clothes, Fit Body


Level/XP: 1/0
Maximum HP: 20/23
Damage: d6/d8
Armor: 2

Strength: 8/15 (- 1/+ 1) Dexterity: 9/12 (+ 0/+ 0) Constitution: 12/13 (+ 0/+ 1)
Intelligence: 16/16 (+ 2/+ 2) Wisdom: 15/9 (+ 1/+ 0) Charisma: 13/8 (+ 1/- 1)


Favored Soul (Kalashtar)

You are a kalashtar, but you have been touched by the Path of Light. You maintain your supernatural resilience even in champion form, but you have a tell while using it ().

Avatar Form

When you take on the form granted to you by your god, roll + CHA. On a 10 +, you transform into your avatar form. On a 7-9, you transform, but you must choose one of the following complications:

  • Your connection to your deity is weak, take -1 Ongoing in avatar form until you Make Camp.
  • The transformation is unstable, you’ll have to change back to your champion form soon.
  • The transformation puts stress on your mortal form, take a debility of the GM’s choice when you change back.

In either case, once the task you called upon your deity for is completed, you change back into your champion form. When in avatar form, you gain hit points equal to your level, and you have a rearranged set of stats. In addition, you gain the following powers:

  • Divine Might: When using Hack n’ Slash, roll one die step higher on damage.
  • Supernatural Resilience: You gain 2 Armor.
  • Weapon of God: You gain a weapon that has these three tags: forceful, ignores armor, and messy.

Apprentice Champion (Psion)

You gain the Manifest Psionic Focus and Psionic Powers and Augmentations moves from the psion class list.

When you call on your reserve of personal power and focus your will, Roll+INT. When you use this power, lose all Focus. On a 10+, gain 3 Focus. On a 7-9, gain 1 Focus for each of the following you select:

  • You are harmed
  • You are distracted
  • You are noticed

You may not have more than 3 Focus at any time.

Your mind is a muscle. Through force of will and mental exercise, you can do things most men simply cannot do. You start play knowing the elocation and metacreativity powers. Whenever you level up, you may either learn a new power or learn an augmentation for a power that you already know. You must meet all of an augmentation’s prerequisites in order to learn it. All psionic powers have a range of Near unless otherwise explicitly noted.

Something Worth Fighting For

When you fight for Order or against Anarchy, roll 3d6 and take the best 2.



Protect an innocent in the name of your deity.


Your Load is 7/9. You have:

  • Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
  • Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
  • Blessed blade (close, + 1 damage, 2 weight)
  • 2 healing potions (0 weight)





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