Rabon Somnadaz

Human Necromancer



Inky Black Eyes, Bald Head, Fine Robes, Mummified Body


Level/XP: 2/0
Maximum HP: 18
Damage: d6
Armor: 0

Strength: 9 (+ 0) Dexterity: 8 (- 1) Constitution: 12 (+ 0)
Intelligence: 15 (+ 1) Wisdom: 13 (+ 1) Charisma: 17 (+ 2)


Human (Aberrant Heir)

You gain a magical birthmark of twisting, scintillating lines. Unlike a normal dragonmark, it looks more jagged, and is often surrounded by welts or burned flesh. Choose one Mark and its associated move:

Curse- Curse someone.

Whenever you Make Camp lose any previous Hold and Hold 1. You may spend that Hold to activate your Mark’s move as if it were a monster move. You may also spend this Hold to activate an Aberrant Dragonmark-activated item.

Last Rites

When you perform last rites over the corpse of a sentient humanoid, you bind their soul into a fetish or gem (which is 1 weight) and gain 1 Soul. You cannot have more Souls than your level + 1, and they stay bound until used.

Secrets of the Dead

When you try and convince a soul you’ve bound to aid you, roll + CHA. On a 10 +, the soul of that person gets absorbed into you, gain 1 Hold. You can spend this Hold, 1 for 1, to perform an action that a ghost could do (walk through walls, turn invisible for a moment, etc.) On a 7-9, the soul gets absorbed, but you choose one.

  • You take 1d4 damage.
  • The spirit does it unwillingly, take – 1 Forward.
  • You have to swear to perform a service for the spirit.

Vampiric Touch

When you touch someone and focus on their life energy, roll + CHA. On a 10 +, you deal your damage to the target and heal yourself of that much damage. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • You take what you can get, dealing and healing half damage.
  • You spend 1 Soul.
  • You put yourself in a bad spot.

Touch of the Grave

When you Hack and Slash, you deal additional damage equal to the number of Souls you have.

Forbidden Lore

Take + 1 when you Spout Lore about spirits or the lands beyond the Black Gates.



Uncover a dead secret.


Your Load is 7. You have:

  • Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
  • Bag of books (5 uses, 2 weight) and 1 healing potion
  • Scythe (close, two-handed, 1 weight)
  • Book of the Dead (gain 2 Souls when performing Last Rites, 3 uses, 1 weight)
  • Epoch Lens (1 weight)


  • I helped one of Vomim’s ancestors be at peace.
  • I brought Hawke back from Death’s door.
  • Ratchet’s beliefs about the afterlife are wrong. I shall try and show them the truth.



When you use vampiric touch, you deal and heal d8 damage.


Rabon Somnadaz

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