Vomim (Xen'va Unumu)

Drow Grave Knight



Dead Eyes, Eerie Helm, Ancient Finery, Embalmed Body


Level/XP: 2/0
Maximum HP: 25
Damage: d10
Armor: 4

Strength: 16 (+ 2) Dexterity: 9 (+ 0) Constitution: 15 (+ 1)
Intelligence: 12 (+ 0) Wisdom: 9 (+ 0) Charisma: 13 (+ 1)



You roll + Soul when taking your Last Breath.

Lord of Undeath

You have sworn fealty to the lord of spectres, granting you armor and powers related to their sphere of influence. Your armor is the spectral remains of a great general’s armor. Gain 2 armor and roll + Soul to Spout Lore:

Undead Servitor

Your lord has granted you a servant to aid your quest. Treat it as a Hireling with one of the following skills:

  • Burglar + 3

Your servitor has no Loyalty or Cost. If it is ever destroyed, you can call it to you in a couple of days.

Death Never Eats, Never Sleeps

Your link to the undead grants you vitality. When a move tells you to mark off a ration, ignore it. In addition, you are immune to sleep and can gain the benefits of making camp with a few hours mending your armor.


Whenever you take a life, gain 1 Soul. You cannot have more Souls than your CHA. You can spend a Soul to gain a + 1 Forward on any one roll.



Endanger yourself following the precepts of your lord.


Your Load is 14. You have:

  • Black blade (close, + 1 damage, + 1 soul, 2 weight)
  • Skull mace (close, 1 weight)
  • Bonewrought knife (hand, 1 weight)
  • Spectral armor (2 armor, 3 weight)
  • Shield (+ 1 armor, 2 weight)
  • Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
  • Symbol of your lord (0 weight)


  • Ratchet fears death. I can feel it.
  • Hawke’s fearlessness in te face of death disturbs me.
  • Rabon sends many souls to my master.


Black Blade

You gain the Signature Weapon move from the fighter.

  • Black Blade (close, 2 weight)
  • Serrated Edges. + 1 damage.
  • Soul Container. Your maximum Soul total increases by one.

Vomim (Xen'va Unumu)

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