Soulknife Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

Augment Strike

When you Hack n’ Slash with your mindblade, on a 10 + you may open yourself to your enemy’s attack and choose one option from psychic thrust.


Whenever you would suffer from a poison, you may spend 1 Focus and ignore its effects.

Focused Dodge

While you have Focus, you have + 1 armor.

Forceful Will

When you catch someone’s gaze and focus your mind against them, spend 1-focus and roll + CHA. On a 10 +, choose two options from psychic thrust. On a 7-9, choose one.

Hurl Mindblade

You can Volley using your mindblade. In this case, losing one ammo means you’ll have to take a moment to reform your mindblade.


When you observe someone and they’re unaware of you, ask 1 + 1 per Focus spent.

  • What is their most valuable possession?
  • I want them to do ____. What’s the best way to get them to do it?
  • What do they know about ____?
  • What’s their weak point right now?
  • I want ____ from them. What’s the best way to get it?

Night Eyes

As long as you have Focus, you can see perfectly even in total darkness.

Psionic Dedicate

Take a move from the battlemind or psion class lists. You may not take multiclass moves from these classes.


Take a move from the thief class list. You may not take multiclass moves from this class.

Serpent Soul

When you consume a poison and survive, note down its name. Whenever you deal damage with your mindblade, you may spend 1 Focus to inflict that poison upon your enemy.

Shadow Cloak

When you’re in partial or total darkness or shadow, you can spend 1 Focus and pull the shadows around you. No one can see you until you leave the darkness or otherwise make your presence known (but you can maybe be heard or smelled, and definitely felt).

Soulknife Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

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