Soulknife Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the 2-5 moves.


When you lay hands on a target unaware of you or unable to stop you, you can spend 1 Focus to implant a behavior (something they must or must not do) in their mind. Whenever they act contrary to this behavior, you gain 1 Hold over them. Spend your hold to inflict 1d6 damage against them at any distance and ignoring armor or to choose and inflict a psychic thrust option against them. Once you’ve spent 3 Hold on them from a given behavior, they’re free of it.

Master Rogue

Requires: Rogue
Take a move from the thief class list. You may not take multiclass moves from this class.

Psionic Master

Requires: Psionic Dedicate
Take a move from the battlemind or psion class lists. You may not take multiclass moves from these classes.

Psychic Volley

Requires: Hurl Mindblade
When you hurl your mindblade at a distant target, you can spend 1 Focus to affect an additional target. You may spend multiple focus to strike multiple additional targets, 1-for-1. Roll once for hit and damage and apply to all targets.

Mindblade Parry

Replaces: Focused Dodge
While you have your mindblade manifested, you have +1 armor. When you’d suffer damage from a weapon attack, you may spend 1 Focus to parry the attack with your mindblade and ignore the damage.

Steal Shape

Whenever you touch or strike a defenseless humanoid target with your mindblade, write down their name. At any time, you can spend 1 Focus to assume their form. At any time you can return to your own form.

Soulknife Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

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