The Collector

Original Playbook: The Collector




Keep dangerous things away from those who would abuse them.


Endanger yourself or your friends for the sake of riches.


Impress another using your wealth or your gear.



Lore Stat: + WIS
Your curios are dinosaurs, capable of thinking and acting on their own. When you use Keeper of Curios, the curio you pull out can function remotely, although it has a mind of its own and might not listen. You can command it to act on its own by Defying Danger with + WIS.


Lore Stat: + CHA
Your curios are magic items – wands, crowns, etc., and your time working with House Cannith has made you grow used to the feel of being in their presence. Whenever a magical effect happens close by, you can feel it. You know roughly which direction it happened in, how far away it was, and a very vague idea of the nature of the effect.


Lore Stat: + INT
Your curios are practical in nature – clothing, weaponry, gadgets, food. Choose a type of resource: adventuring gear, weapons, ammo, bandages, or rations. When you spend a minute looking through your collection, restock 1 use of the chosen resource.


Lore Stat: +INT
Your curios are pieces and parts that you can attach to yourself. Your collection is only 3 weight, and you can veto one condition if what you’re looking for can be plugged into you.

The Collector

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