Paladin Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

When you gain a level from 2–5, choose from these moves.

Divine Favor

Dedicate yourself to a deity (name a new one or choose one that’s already been established). You gain the commune and cast a spell cleric moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a cleric of level 1 for using spells. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective cleric level by 1.

Bloody Aegis

When you take damage you can grit your teeth and accept the blow. If you do you take no damage but instead suffer a debility of your choice. If you already have all six debilities you can’t use this move.


While on a quest you deal + 1d4 damage.


When you speak aloud your promise to defeat an enemy, you deal + 2d4 damage against that enemy and – 4 damage against anyone else. This effect lasts until the enemy is defeated. If you fail to defeat the enemy or give up the fight, you can admit your failure, but the effect continues until you find a way to redeem yourself.


When you lead the charge into combat, those you lead take + 1 forward.

Staunch Defender

When you defend you always get + 1 hold, even on a 6-.

Setup Strike

When you hack and slash, choose an ally. Their next attack against your target does + 1d4 damage.

Holy Protection

You get + 1 armor while on a quest.

Voice of Authority

Take + 1 to order hirelings.


When you heal an ally, you heal +1d8 damage.

Paladin Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

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