Paladin Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

When you gain a level from 6–10, choose from these moves or the level 2–5 moves.

Evidence of Faith

Requires: Divine Favor
When you see divine magic as it happens, you can ask the GM which deity granted the spell and its effects. Take + 1 when acting on the answers.

Divine Boon

Requires: Divine Favor
Your deity has granted you with powers beyond the norm, based on its domain; however, they also hold you to an even higher standard. You automatically gain one of the following boons and vows while you are on a quest:

  • Healing and Restoration: A freedom from hunger, thirst, and sleep; Hospitality
  • Bloody Conquest: Invulnerability to ___________; Valor
  • Civilization: A voice that transcends language; Temperance
  • Knowledge and Hidden Things: Senses that pierce lies; Truth

Holy Smite

Replaces: Smite
While on a quest you deal + 1d8 damage.

Ever Onward

Replaces: Charge!
When you lead the charge into combat, those you lead take + 1 forward and + 2 armor forward.

Impervious Defender

Replaces: Staunch Defender
When you defend you always get + 1 hold, even on a 6-. When you get a 12 + to defend instead of getting hold the nearest attacking creature is stymied giving you a clear advantage, the GM will describe it.

Tandem Strike

Replaces: Setup Strike
When you hack and slash, choose an ally. Their next attack against your target does +1d4 damage and they take + 1 forward against them.

Divine Protection

Replaces: Holy Protection
You get + 2 armor while on a quest.

Divine Authority

Replaces: Voice of Authority
Take + 1 to order hirelings. When you roll a 12 + the hireling transcends their moment of fear and doubt and carries out your order with particular effectiveness or efficiency.

Perfect Hospitaller

Replaces: Hospitaller
When you heal an ally, you heal + 2d8 damage.


When you suffer a debility (even through Bloody Aegis) take + 1 forward against whatever caused it.

Perfect Knight

When you quest you choose three boons instead of two.

Paladin Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

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