Cavalier Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves, or the moves from your order.

Cavalier’s Charge

While mounted you deal + 1d4 damage.

Most Honorable

Your maximum Honor increases by one.

Demanding Challenge

When you duel a foe, all of their attention must remain on you, lest you find an opening. As such, anyone else attacking the subject of your challenge rolls twice and takes the better result for damage.

In the King’s Court

When in the presence of royalty or nobility, you may roll + Honor instead of + CHA to Parley.


When you explain a complex battle strategy to your allies, roll + INT. On a 10 +, you and your allies take + 1 when following the plan. On a 7-9, only a few people got it. Roll a d4, and choose that many people to gain the + 1.


When you display your banner proudly and charge into battle, roll + CHA. On a hit, you and your allies gain + 1 Forward. On a 10 +, you and your allies are immune to fear as long as the banner is displayed.

Silent Knight

Choose a move from the fighter or paladin class lists. You may not choose multiclass moves from these classes.

Cavalier Advanced Moves-Levels 2-5

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