Cavalier Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves, the level 2-5 moves, or the moves from your order.

You’ll Bring Honor to Us All

Requires: Most Honorable
Your maximum Honor increases by one.

Mighty Charge

Requires: Cavalier’s Charge
When you roll a 12 + to Hack n’ Slash while mounted, you trample the enemy, adding d6 to your damage without exposing yourself to the enemy’s attack.


Replaces: Cavalier’s Charge
While mounted you deal + 1d8 damage.

Expert Tactician

Replaces: Tactician
When you explain a complex battle strategy to your allies, roll + INT. On a 10 +, you and your allies take + 1 when following the plan. On a 7-9, only a few people got it. Roll a d6, and choose that many people to gain the + 1.

Rallying Call

Requires: Banner
While your banner is displayed, you can spend 1 Honor to gain 3 hold. You can spend this hold, 1 for 1, to grant an ally within earshot a second chance on a Defy Danger roll.

Holy Knight

Requires: Silent Knight
Choose a move from the fighter or paladin class lists. You may not take multiclass moves from these classes.

Cavalier Advanced Moves-Levels 6-10

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